The Boudoir Experience

So, what is Boudoir Photography? And what is all the buzz about?

According to wedding-planning super-website, Boudoir Photography has become the hot new trend in wedding gifts from a bride to her groom. What could be a more perfect gift for your special someone, than the gift that only you can give? These beautiful, sensual, yet tasteful images are the perfect celebration of romance and femininity. Aside from their popularity as a wedding gift, Boudoir Portraits also make the ideal anniversary, birthday or Valentine's Day gift. can give the gift of Boudoir Portraits "just because".

Boudoir Photography isn't the same as "nude photography". In fact, in the Boudoir Photography at The Studio, there is no nudity. But what you will see in our Boudoir Portraits is implied nudity. Implied nudity means that the images reflect the sensuality and intimacy of nudity...without anything really "showing". These images might be considered "PG-13", rather than "R"...and definitely not "X". To get an idea of the type of images St. Louis Boudoir produces, think "Maxim Magazine" vs "Playboy".

The St. Louis Boudoir staff at The Studio is comprised of an all-female staff with years of experience in hairstyling, makeup, portrait photography, and digital retouching. As women, we know very well all of the things that could make our clients nervous or anxious about a Boudoir Photography Session. As professionals, we are adept at calming our clients' anxieties with our experience and level of unique customer service.

We have photographed all ages, sizes, ethnicities and types of women. Our previous clients number in the 1000's. We absolutely guarantee that you will be completely thrilled with what we can do for you. We truly have never met a woman who we could not photograph to look stunningly beautiful in her Boudoir Portraits. That may sound like a tall order...but it 100% true.

To get an idea of what is involved in a Boudoir Session at The Studio, read on:

You should set up your Boudoir Session about 4 to 6 weeks ahead of the event that you plan to give your Boudoir Portraits for. (We can sometimes produce finished images in less than 4 weeks. If you need faster service, please call us as soon as possible at 314-644-0734.)

When you set up your appointment, you will be asked to put down a deposit to reserve your selected date and time. The deposit will be the entire $150 Boudoir Session Fee, paid in advance. (We require two business days' notice for cancellation/rescheduling to avoid forfeiting the deposit.)

The day of your session, we ask that you arrive with clean, dry hair and wearing little or no makeup. (If you have come in directly after work for your appointment, just don't use a lot of hair product in your hair that day.) Don't forget to have your nails already done and your legs freshly shaved. You don't want to forget the details! We ask that you bring in your own mascara. We supply everything else.

You will want to bring 2 outfit changes for your Boudoir Session. Bring everything for each outfit...meaning shoes, accessories, jewelry and any "props" that you might want to use. (More about outfit choices and suggestions in our "FAQ" section on our website.)

Prior to your Boudoir Session, our licensed hairstylist and makeup artist will style your hair and do your makeup to your specifications. At The Studio, you will look fantastic, even before you step into the photo studio. We can help you create any look you want, from "natural" to "dramatic"...and anything in between.

When you are satisfied with the way that you look, you will change into your first outfit for your photo session. Your photo session will be conducted entirely indoors, in our private photo studio. While you are at The Studio for your Boudoir Session, you will have all of our facilities at your disposal: our makeup and hairstyling area, dressing room, private restroom, private photo studio and our viewing area, where you will view your images immediately after your session.

During the photo session, your photographer will guide you through all of the poses that will create the "look" you want in your Boudoir Portraits. You don't have to know how to stand or sit "like a model". You don't have to do anything but be you. We are here to take care of all of the rest.

After your session, you will change back into your "normal clothes", while the photographer readies your images for viewing, which takes only a few minutes. Then, you will get to see all of the images from your Boudoir Session on our computer, using specialized studio software. You will have approzimately 30-40 portrait-quality images to view. "Portrait quality" means that we will have already removed any "blinks" or other unacceptable images. So, what you will see will be only perfect images of you!

This is the time that you would make your portrait selections. At The Studio, you order your portraits and pay for your order the same day as your session. By operating this way, we can get your finished portraits ready for you very quickly...and you will enjoy a $50 portrait credit as a bonus!

When your Boudoir Portraits are ready, we will contact you by phone or email. You will pick up your Boudoir Portrait order at The Studio. And we love to be here when you pick up your Boudoir Pictures, because we love to see the look on your face, when you see how beautiful you look!

You may have other question...but many of your questions have already been asked before by our other clients. So, be sure to visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" section of our website.


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