Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm not a size 2. Is Boudoir Photography right for me?

A. Your size does not matter. At all. In our years of experience, we have photographed every

different size of women, and have made those women (and their men) very, very happy with the end results. We have all sorts of tricks up our sleeve to provide you with your most flattering photos...ever. We know how to highlight your best features, while minimizing any areas of concern. Remember...your significant other loves YOU. And we promise that in your Boudoir will love you, too.

Q. What should I wear?

A. You can have 2 outfit changes during your Boudoir Session. Those 2 outfits can be anything that you (or he) would like. Most of our clients bring in at least one lingerie outfit. Many also bring in some type of sports jersey, too. Or, you may want to wear some of your guy's clothing...or bring in something that is reminiscent of his occupation or interests. You may get some great ideas by looking through our online galleries. A few of the things that always work well are:

Corsets: These are natural figure enhancers and are very popular!

Nighties: Can be revealing or modest. Helps to disguise a mid-section, if you want to.

Thigh-high Hosiery: Super-sexy, with or without garters.

Heels: The higher, the better.

A man's shirt: With or without a tie, this one is very popular.

Sport's jersey: "His" size works best. Go for his favorite team, of course.

The "right" bottoms: Thongs or boy-cut panties...whatever works best for you.

If you aren't sure what to wear, bring in all your choices (more than 2) and we will help you decide!

Q. What if I don't want to show a lot of skin? Is Boudoir Photography still right for me?

A. You can be as modest or as provocative as you like, in your Boudoir Pictures. The idea is to show a sexy or sensual side of YOU...which means that the images should reflect your style and personality. It's great to step outside of your comfort zone a bit...but YOU set the limits on how you want to be portrayed in your Boudoir Images.

Q. I have some "problem areas" that I'm concerned about. How can you help me create beautiful Boudoir Portraits?

A. It seems that no matter how young or thin or toned a woman might be, everyone seems to have some area of their body that they are concerned about. Rest assured that no matter what your "problem area" is, we can give you results that will thrill you.

We so often hear women say that they want to "lose just 10 more pounds, before my Boudoir Session". It might be hard to believe, but that is completely unnecessary.

Many "body issues" can be disguised with flattering posing and proper lighting. We are masters at adjusting a pose to accomodate your figure. Anything that can't be completely taken care of with posing and lighting can definitely be rectified with our amazing digital retouching. Celulite, stretch marks and lumps and bumps vanish like magic! You will love it!

We also pride ourselves in keeping our retouching very natural. Think of it this way: At St. Louis Boudoir, we make you look the way that your special person sees you.

Q Should I go tanning before my Boudoir Session?

A. If you are naturally tan most of the time, then that is fine. But, if you are usually more on the pale side...don't try to change your look before your session. Your special someone will want pictures that look like you. Remember...he already likes you!

If you do decide to get a tan before your session...please do not go tanning within a couple of days of your session. Very often, when our clients do go tanning just before their session, they wind up with "multi-colored skin"...which often involves a lot of red undertones.

Q. Do you provide manicures prior to the session?

A. No. We do provide professional hairstyling and makeup, but we do not offer nail services. However, we strongly recommend that you have your fingernails and toenails done the way you like, before your session. Whatever you and your significant other like is fine...but a natural nail or a French or American manicure works well, especially if you will be wearing different colors during your session.

Q. Do you cut or color my hair?

A. No. Although our makeup artist and hairstylist is a licensed cosmetologist, we do not offer cutting or coloring services. And a note about that: We do not recommend that you try a new cut or color just before your session, unless that is something that you know your sweetheart really wants. It is usually best to just have your hair trimmed in the style that you normally like and have your color touched up prior to the session, if you normally color your hair.

Q. How long does it take for my pictures to be ready?

A. Most of our Boudoir Session clients purchase one of our Boudoir Collections. These collections include 10, 20 or more images that require head to toe retouching. For that reason, we suggest that you allow 4 to 6 weeks for production of your final images. It is sometimes possible to have your images ready for you more quickly, but it is best if you allow plenty of time. If you do need your portraits back in less than 4 weeks, please call us immediately.

Q. I have some questions that I don't see answered here. How do I get more information?

A. Please feel free to call us with your questions! Our phone number is 314-644-0734.

Q. Can I make my appointment online?

A. We only book appointments over the phone. That's the best way to get the most up to date appointment information.


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